In 2011, the will to do, and to make a shift in social apathy called Budapest Bike Maffia to life. We began our activities with preparation and collection of food donations, delivering those by bike to homeless people living on the streets and social homes. Our aim was to ease their life.

In the last years our community grew dynamically, many volunteers joined us, so we have started new projects and actions. Our programs are approaching the problems of homelessness and prejudice in several ways, more of them are going beyond primary supporting. Our actions main goals are awareness-raising and mentality shifting. School programs are for sensitivity, community building, and the promotion of volunteering. Our food saving project refers to wastage, and the importance of environmental awareness. The garden project helps in the activation of homeless people and their self-sufficiency. Our Photo Project gives them the joy of creation, and success by art. While Sweet Home project helps the families in need. We have joined to the European Solidarity Corps, that makes opportunity to involve foreign participants, and to start European Union projects too.

Still, our goal is to help homeless people, families in need, and social institutions. We represent an innovative and creative style of social care and helping. We recruit many volunteers, delegating them to institutional care, and to civil society organizations through our projects. We place great emphasize on social sensitivity, breaking down prejudice, particularly amongst the youth, finding new solutions in the resent social environment. 

Bike Maffia estabilished in several rural cities and abroad in the last years: After Debrecen, Pécs, Székesfehérvár, Szeged, and Miskolc, Pereira (Colombia) has it’s own bike helper crew too.