Sometimes it is hard to deal with the bosses, the colleagues and daily tasks at work and the journey towards common goals may also be exhausting. We are well aware that sometimes we very easily annoy each other. However, at most companies it is now a general practice that leaders create an opportunity to ease the tension, to break the daily routine and to bring together people who work together.

Team building with Bike Maffia is even more than that, as it also an opportunity to help people in need.

Our service is specifically designed for companies where participants can join a varied and rich event: we prepare lunch or dinner for homeless people; at an interactive presentation and workshop we show you what we do, why and how we do it, so we talk about the activities of Budapest Bike Maffia and also discuss prejudices through examples of homeless people. After all this there will also be time to have some fun through an exciting pub quiz.

Is it a lunch or a dinner? It is up to you. We offer two choices based on our currently running projects and you can prepare the meal.

  • During Vitamin Commando, we prepare sandwiches rich in vitamin and vegetables using tools and ingredients provided by Budapest Bike Maffia. Depending on the number of participants, at one occasion we might prepare hundreds or even thousands of sandwiches that will be delivered to homeless shelters by the volunteers of our Emergency Food Saving project. If arranged in advance, it is also an option to deliver sandwiches together on foot or by bike to homeless people living in the streets.
  • If cooking together, we prepare warm food using tools and ingredients provided by Budapest Bike Maffia. After preparation (peeling, slicing and cutting), we put all ingredients in a 70-liter cooking pot and once ready, we pack the meals (usually 90-120 portions) in leak-proof lunch boxes. Similarly to sandwiches, these will be delivered with the help of our Emergency Food Saver volunteers.

How many people can take part in a team building?
The activities can be organized already with 10 people but we have organized team building for 200 people before. If you are even more, we’ll take care of it for you too.

How long does it take?
We can combine the different team building activities in many ways. Depending on whether you would like to prepare sandwiches or cook, ideally we can make the program last for about 3 to 6 hours but if you would like to spend more or less time together, we will also find a solution for that.

Is it available in English?
Yes, this is also an option, with the help of our English speaking colleagues.

If you are interested in team building and would like to request a quote or have any questions, please turn to Csilla at