There is no such thing as ‘homeless’. The only thing we know of  are ‘homeless people’, since behind every single person there is a fate, a life with beautiful stages and very cumbersome periods.

Our film ‘Szállóige’ shows the world of four people out of thousands facing similar difficulties. In the film we also tell you how you can directly help these four people in the movie simply by buying a T-shirt.

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Help people speaking in the movie by buying a T-shirt

We got to know four people, visited them in the shelter, talked to them, shot a movie with them, and designed T-shirts inspired by their life stories. We did all this to help them, because the returns from each sold T-shirt will go to the movie actors Beatrix, Péter, Robi and Zoli.

The T-shirts can be purchased from the Budapest Bike Maffia Webshop.

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Future plans with ‘Szállóige’

We plan to turn ‘Szállóige’ into a series. If there is a continued demand for the T-shirts, we will invite more shelter residents to share their life stories with us. This way we can make our society more sensitive to this problem and we can deconstruct prejudice towards homeless people.

We would like to continue with the series by setting up a permanent editorial and crew so that many more people in need get a chance to tell their stories. We hope to fill a serious gap in available support forms through this scheme.