Join our Commando Junior project and become the youngest volunteer!

Our program for school children has two modules. Module 1 starts with a 60-minute interactive session with a lot of practical information and the presentation of the work of Budapest Bike Maffia and the issue of homelessness.

Together with the kids we think of how we can best help those in need, why it makes sense to prepare sandwiches, what we put in the sandwiches, who will get them and how to get them to the people, how much money we need for this, etc. We are open to go shopping together with the kids.

In module 2 of the program the kids prepare and wrap the sandwiches. Kids above 10 years of age can even help deliver the prepared meals if they can cycle securely. For this they may join our Vitamin Commando volunteers. Module 2 can be organised as a separate event.

The Vitamin Commando Junior program goes upward from the third grade of elementary school until the twelfth grade. We adjust the presentation and the program to the participants’ age. The interactive presentation can be delivered as a single event, independent of the sandwich preparation module.

For further information please contact:
Nóra Posteiner