Budapest is home to many of us. We have our favourite spots: a favorite bench on Margaret Island, the street we ride down every day, or the corner where we meet before a Friday night out. But how do people for whom these places are literally their home see the city?

In 2016, we have joined the team of the London-based Café Art and with their support we have launched the MyBudapest Photo Project – a photo competition for homeless people. With Fujifilm Hungary as our sponsor and with the help of our volunteers, we gave disposable cameras to the participants so through their photos they can show us the city the way they see it. From the entries, a jury of professionals selects 50 artworks that we exhibit at a public square, then the audience selects 12 + 1 pictures that will be featured in next years’ MyBudapest’s calendar, alongside with their creators’ stories.

By purchasing the calendar you support homeless creators – since the profits from the calendar’s sales go directly to the winners. In addition to providing them financial support, the competition offers its participants an opportunity to showcase their everyday lives, their talents, to experience the joy of creation and creativity, to gain attention and recognition, and find their way back into society. Last but not least: the project aims to provide a deeper insight into the world of homeless people, to raise awareness of homelessness and to reduce the stereotypes surrounding it.

Our partners:
BMSZKI (Budapest Methodological Centre of Social Policy and Its Institutions)
Hungarian Red Cross Budapest

A special thanks for their prominent support to:
Erika Gácsfalvi and Árpád Varga (Fujifilm Hungary Kft.),
The Council of Budapest VII.district Erzsébetváros
Fanni Jónás and Eszter Boros (Well PR Kft.),
Magenta-R Kft,
Gabriella Csoszó (photographer, activist, teacher),
Suelto Bistro,

And to the volunteers of Budapest Bike Maffia who ensure the project’s success by their administrative work, graphic design, and who support and document the event.

The Team:
Bernadett Fekete –  Project Manager
Hajnalka Merc – Distribution
Zsuzska Molnár – Project Coordinator

If you have any questions, contact Detti at the email address !

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