Through our Emergency Food Rescue project (, we save and distribute hot meals and food that is suitable for consumption to those in need. The donated meals are delivered by our volunteers with cars to social institutions, to homeless shelters or warming centers. Our activities aim to reduce starvation, raise awareness of collective social responsibility, and to promote environmental awareness. By reducing food waste, we are directly contributing to the fight against climate change as well. Emergency Food Rescue – beyond its importance at the domestic level – actually also serves global purposes. In 2015, the UN has set a collection of 17 global goals, three of which can be accomplished through our project: eradicating hunger, responsible consumption, and the protecton of our planet.

Where does the donated food go? Who gets is?

Donations are delivered to homeless shelters and warming centers by our volunteers with cars. The meals are then handed over to the institutions’ social workers who can distribute them properly among the residents.

What kinds of foods do we accept?

Hot meals, soups, sandwiches, savory and sweet pastries, baked goods, fruits, non-perishable foods.

IMPORTANT! Due to the potential health risks, we can only accept fresh food – prepared on the day – and only food that does not contain mayonnaise, mushrooms or raw eggs. It is also important tto note that we can only transport pre-packaged (ie boxed) food.

How many servings do we collect?

We come and collect from a minimum of 40-50 servings. Since the saved meals are transported to social institutions and these locations typically have 50 or more residents, we think it important that none of them should remain without donations.

You would donate food?

First you have to register at the Emergency Food Rescue website (, and fill out a form. After you have completed the form, we will get in touch with you shortly. 

The donation offers are emailed to our volunteers who will to let you know if they can take care of the delivery. After our volunteers collect the food, they transport it to the institution of your choice and confirm the successful delivery of your donations with a picture.

You would join us as a volunteer car driver / courier?
Fill out our FORM and we will contact you shortly.

The Team:
Dóra Szőke – Project Manager
Bea Beliczai – Project Coordinator

If you have any questions, contact Dóri at!

To donate food, please visit the website !