Since 2016, we have been an accredited hosting organization for the  Erasmus+ program and have joined the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is part of the European Solidarity Corps program supported by the European Commission.

The European Solidarity Corps program was set up by the European Union to give young people the opportunity to take part in voluntary or professional projects of public interest in their own or in foreign countries. The program is open to young people between the ages of 17 and 30, and participating in it is an excellent opportunity to learn languages, learn about other cultures, to become independent, and build international relationships. The program offers an adventure filled with plently of joyful and exciting days, as well as new challenges and many unexpected situations that its participants will need to learn to face.

Intercultural biking for helping – the project of Budapest Bike Maffia

Our project “Intercultural biking for helping” was implemented within the European Union Erasmus + program. From March 2018, for 9 months, foreign volunteers has helped and enriched our work within the project EVS. The volunteers: Ronja Bober, Ilona Lyytinen and Elizabeta Ružičić came from Germany, Finland and Croatia respectively. They took part in our projects and has enriched the work of Bike Maffia with their many ideas and their fresh approach.

In March 2019 our program was selected by the European Commission as a great example to present to the European Parliament. This has allowed us the opportunity to attend the European Youth Week in Brussels on 29-30 April 2019. In addition to being present at the event, we were given the chance to present our project in person to over 800 people during a plenary session.

The Team:
Ildikó Tóth – Project Manager

Coordinators and helpers of the „Intercultural biking for helping” project:
Zoltán Havasi, Rózsa Kiss, Ágnes Pakot, Andrea Pintér, Gábor Priksz, András Tóth 

Our volunteers:
Ronja Bober (Germany) 2018. March 5 – November 4.
Ilona Lyytinen (Finnland) 2018. March 4 – May 3.
Elizabeta Ružičić (Croatia) 2018. June 4 – December 3.

If you have any questions about the project or if you would like to join us, contact Ildi at!