All sorts of people participate in our Vitamin Commando project, since anyone is able to join at any time without prior notice, even if only for a single occasion. There is however a so-called ‘core team’, people who participate in nearly every sandwich prep and delivery. We have been talking to two such people: Gergő Szőts and Dávid Orosz about this project and how it became an integral part of their week.

How did you first hear about the project and why did you became regular members?

Gergő Szőts: I have first heard about BBM in January 2017. I have seen their notice on some the internet portal, they have announced a “Crisis!” project due to the extremely cold weather that winter, and were looking for enthusiastic volunteers who would be able to help the homeless one way or another. At that time, I was looking for some kind of volunteer work anyway, so when i have seen that notice i have decided to visit their then base to see how i could help. They were very intense days, a lot of people came to answer their call, and it had felt good to do something useful. After the “Crisis” was over, there was no question that I wanted to attend regularly. Many people have started out at the same time as me and a great team has formed. The hard core members welcomed the new people with open arms, even organised several ‘get-to-know each other and the organization’ parties. This is the main reason of why I became a regular member. I have got to know a great many honest, kind and awesome people here. I have listened to their stories, have let them shape my worldview, and I feel like I became a better person thanks to them. Not to mention feeling like I was doing something good at the same time!

Dávid Orosz: I have started participating in Vitamin Commando because of the 50-hour mandatory School Community Service. I have chosen it because my classmates were here, also because of their 50 hours. They have told me that in addition to helping those in need, you get to complete your hours in a really great atmosphere, so I have thought I’d give it a try. The 50 hours is longe since over but i have stayed. For more than two years now i participate in every sandwich making because these two nights have became part of my week.

What keeps you here?

G.Sz.: Other than the great company, there are two things I can say for sure that have made me a return sandwich maker. The first one is the people that this is all about: the homeless. For me, it is a great feeling to have some time to talk to them while making the deliveries –  to listen to them, to realize that they really are just like us in every way – even if they live on the margins of our society. We help each other a lot – even if they do not do it knowingly – I give them sandwiches, fruit, a few kind words and an audience. For their part: they teach me with their stories that there is no point taking ourselves and every little problem with the world too seriously. The second thing are the rookies. It is great to see people being interested in others, wanting to help, wishing to do something. They are coming because they feel that life should be about more than just surviving. This gives me the desire to come back time and again, because it just energizes me!

D.O.: What keeps me coming back is that i get to meet my friends there. It is kind of a relaxing activity, but at the same time it is charity. I think it is great that i get to do both ot these things at the same time.

How does it feel to be part of the Vitamin Commando?

G.Sz.: Sometimes when I leave sandwiches next to a sleeping homeless person, I feel like Santa Claus. ☺ I imagine them waking up in the morning; seeing some fruit, a sandwich, and maybe even some chocolate next to their head, and wondering where they have got it. Of course, most of the time they know, they know us very well! Jokes aside: it feels great to be a vitamin commando member, our community is awesome!

D.O.: It is great to be a Vitamin Commando member. We are in good company and the mood is always great, be it while making sandwiches or deliveries.

Photo by: István Juhász