„Let’s not celebrate and help them on Women’s Day only!” – collection of donations for homeless women

Homeless women are often more dependent and vulnerable than men. It is very important for their self-esteem to preserve a well-kept appearance and their femininity, while beauty products, or sometimes even hygienic products are a luxury for them, as it is an additional cost.

Budapest Bike Maffia organises a collection of donations for homeless women every year around 8th March, Women’s Day. It is important to take care of them not only on this day but throughout the year! Beyond collecting donations, our campaign Long live the girls! also aims to raise awareness about this.

During this campaign, we pay attention to their needs and collect everyday products (shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, deodorant, women’s razor, nail polish, lipstick, hair dye) at different locations in Budapest (cafés, pubs and clubs, community spaces, events) and deliver them to female residents of homeless shelters. Important! Please only bring donations that are on the list – we have coordinated with homeless shelters when putting it together considering actual needs. You don’t need to bring all of these, you can also bring one type of product. We also ask you to donate unopened, unused, undamaged and not expired products. Thank you!

For details, times, collection points and address please have a look at our Facebook event on the Budapest Bike Maffia Facebook page.
If you would like to offer a collection point, please get in touch with our donations coordinator, Andi Pintér at adomany@bikemaffia.com.