Do we gauge others correctly? Are our first impressions right? Is it okay to judge those who have to live on the street based on negative stereotypes?

Many of these people would need much luck and a lot of help to be able to live a a worthy life once again. Do we realise what our world has become when we think of homeless people as part of the streets who we step over or pass by and maybe even judge? “Everyone is solely responsible for their own fate, everyone is worth as much as they have.” It is the system we live in and by that is wrong – we see those in need but don’t act. We even regard them as criminals. Our country should rather be about cooperation because there is a huge crisis. We have been torn apart, divided, we are ranting, angry, complaining and going ahead half-blind just like sheep.

These thoughts guided us in 2014 when we came up with the idea of our action named „Going like sheep”. Everyone has strength and valuable skills. Let’s show these and look at the world from this perspective. Every passer-by without regard to age, gender, housing conditions could write one of their positive traits on a board and we took a picture of them in Batthyány Square, Budapest. How different could the world be this way? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we started judging others by their strengths? It’s up to us!

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