On December 10, Day of Human Rights70th anniversary of the European Council, we made a call out to hundreds of donors and volunteers as part of an all-day-long, enormous collaboration in order to ensure dinner for four thousand people, because the right to food and healthy meals is a basic human right, and in Winter, a lot of people can’t get a nourishing meal. We plan to repeat this operation on a yearly basis, with the hope of more and more people joining the initiative from year to year.

During our effort in collaboration with the embassies of the Netherlands and Sweden, in a single day, we collected, made and delivered copious amounts of food – sandwiches, fruit, tea, desserts, chocolate, vitamins and sustainable food – to shelters for the homeless and to people living in the streets.

In the dinner of four thousand people, not only those people in need who live in Budapest could take part, but also those living in other towns, thanks to Debrecen Bike Maffia, Szeged Bike Maffia and Pécs Bike Maffia, who also joined the initiative.

Besides private persons, companies and NGO’s also participated in the sandwich-making, the donation and the food delivery. We thank the following organizations:

Adománytaxi, Celanese, Centropa Alapítvány, Danone, Decathlon, Erste Bank, Haver Informális Zsidó Oktatási Alapítvány, IKEA, JDC Magyarország, Libri Kiadó, Limmud Magyarország, Process Solution, Rexfilm, Talmud nem csak Nőknek, TARBUT, Teleki Téri Imaház/zsinagóga és a Budapest Bike Maffia +1 Szendvics programjában résztvevő iskolák

Results of the day in pictures and numbers:
– 4329 sandwiches
– 7169 portions of fruit
– 7378 portions of vitamin preparations
– 7169 portions of chocolate, desserts along with 30 kg’s of small cakes and wafers or other sweets
– 246 boxes (4920 filters) of tea

The initiative made it to tha pages of The New York Times and Reuters, too.