Other than healthcare workers, social care workers and their clients (ie: homeless and elderly people) are amongst the most vulnerable people right now. Although we are trying to provide vitamins, cleaning supplies, masks, and non-perishable food in large quantities, hot meals are also a precious commodity, even a luxury in some instances. Thanks to the collaborative work between Hokedli and Bike Maffia: 100 servings of hot food are prepared at Hokedli’s white kitchen daily so that we can provide aid to the most vulnerable groups of people.

As a first step, we will finance this project with 150,000 HUF. This will mean that we can provide 100 servings of food daily, for a week; your help however will still be essential now and in the future as well!

3,000 HUF is enough to provide hot meals for 12 people, an essential thing for both the workers and for the most vulnerable.

Buy food vouchers, to get hot meals to people who live on social assistance. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, where we report on the delivery and reception of the donations!