The +1 sandwich project was launched 4 years ago. Thanks to the huge amount of effort, today it runs smoothly, everybody knows their task, and with the participation of schools the number of donations is constantly growing.

Schools gather the extra sandwiches from students on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, and then the delivery person of Budapest Bike Maffia delivers the collected 200-400 daily sandwiches to homeless shelters and daytime shelters, four days a week.

It was a true challenge for us when, two weeks ago, the most important part of our team, our delivery person suddenly fell ill. We had to act quickly, because the sandwiches of the 6 schools of that day were all prepared and ready to go to those in need. Of course, we didn’t want to call off the following day’s initiative, depriving shelters of our help.

So, we contacted schools, hoping that we would work out something together. Even though we knew we could count on their support, their reaction was beyond expectations.

Not only were they understanding, but almost all of them offered us to deliver the packages to the shelters with the help of teachers, students and parents. Everybody was looking for solutions and kept working to continue gathering donation. The cooperation was so successful that we had to ask for extra help to transport the sandwiches only in two cases.

Thanks to our external help, a member of BBM’s Food Saving Project and a voluntary delivery person, we managed to transport 200 sandwiches from schools to daytime shelters.

It was incredibly great to see how the two projects worked well together. In the end, thanks to the BBM community, we managed to find a solution also in the long run, a dear friend decided to replace our delivery person for the next month, so one of our most successful project can continue to flourish.

Our delivery person, Péter, is fine, but he needs a little rest. We hope he gets well soon! We wish him a quick recovery and many thanks to all for the instant help!