During the Volunteer month, Danone workers, as a personal donation, individually collected non-perishable food and made sandwiches for those in need.

Nearly 60 colleagues joined the program. For one week, non-perishable food was brought to the office: they collected 70 boxes of prepared food cans and paté, 70 portions of instant coffee, 40 packages of instant soup, 15 packages of sweets, 11 kg of pasta, several kg-s of flour, rice, sugar, cocoa, along with some jams, pesto, oil, syrup, pudding, and tea.

This is where Budapest Bike Maffia came into the picture: we helped to direct the donations to the Job center in BMSZKI (Budapest Methodological Centre of Social Policy and Its Institutions) Dózsa Homeless Shelter. Workers of the shelter made sure the donations arrive to those inhabitants who just started at a new job. The packages are very helpful for them to get through their first month and until their first paycheck arrives.

Danone workers also tested their sandwich-making skills. They made over 300 sandwiches in only a day, to which they added their good wishes too. BBM brought this donation to the same institution at Dózsa György út, targeting both the daytime and night shelters.

We send our best wishes to those reentering the job market, and a big high-five to the workers of Danone!