The MyBudapest Photo Project is a photo tender of the Budapest Bike Maffia, which provides an opportunity for homeless artists to show how they see the city.

This year we are organizing the project for the fourth time in a row,  and we already handed out the cameras, offered by Fuji, at the homeless shelters. This year the topic is bicycles and cycling. Nearly 100 cameras are scanning the city these days on the streets of Budapest right now. Participants wander in the city, searching for places and characters they deem important, pretty, or scenic.

There are more shelters involved now as in the past years. Besides the BMSZKI Dózsa homeless shelter and the Madrid street shelter of the Red Cross, some cameras landed at BMSZKI shelters on Táblás and Kocsis street. There were some places that MyBudapest volunteers could not reach, but with the help of the Vitamin Commando, those living on the streets also got a chance to participate.

In the coming weeks, we will collect the cameras, and with them, the photos. After they are developed, a professional jury will make their selection. Amongst the members of the jury, we can find photo artist Pál Nánási, curator Kata Oltai, Dávid Sándor and Ákos Szepessy from Fortepan, actress Kriszta Bíró from Örkény Theater’s company, and photography teacher Gabriella Csoszó, who will decide which 50 photos will be shown in a public exhibition on Madách Square, in September.

Gabi Csoszó helped to distribute the cameras and revealed the secrets of how to use them to the applicants.

We are looking forward to see the results! 🙂 Until then, check out the photos taken when the cameras were handed out.