We put a tremendous amount of energy into organizing the Charity Fest, then we relaxed a bit, but now we are back to pick up on our projects. 

This time we were on a team building with the employees of Mazars Kft. at Kőleves.

We held an interactive presentation, where we introduced BBM’s mission, and had a conversation about prejudices, and why it is important to go beyond our limits. After that, we had some fun during a round of pub quiz and sandwich making.

We had our hands full with making 220 sandwiches, some of those sandwiches we delivered directly to people in need, and the rest went to a homeless shelter, thanks to the volunteer food saver group Sürgősségi Ételmentő – Emergency Foodsavers

Big thanks to Kőleves and the team from Mazars Kft. for the cooperation – this was our first time, but surely not the last!

If you would like to join us for a team building, please contact: csapatepites@bikemaffia.com

For more information about corporate team buildings, visit: https://bikemaffia.com/en/team-building-with-bike-maffia/