What do the following companies have in common? 

  • Cardif
  • Decathlon
  • Emarsys
  • Erste Bank
  • GE
  • ING
  • Process Solutions

They have all applied to and participated in Bike Maffia’s team building experience! During the last few months, teams of the companies listed above arrived one by one to Dürer Kert, where, after sensitizing lectures and discussions they have started community cooking. In total 478 sandwiches and 415 hot meals were offered to homeless people, serving 893 people in need with tasty and nutritious food.

And what are the differences between the companies?

There are some, who return to us frequently for years, some who came for the first time. And how does it feel like to participate first? Please find a report below:

“I would like to thank you again for the program yesterday. It was a fantastic afternoon, joy to help and listen to your lectures! Every single feedback was positive! There were some, saying they weren’t sure what to expect, when they first heard about the program, therefore they weren’t too enthusiastic but enjoyed themselves above their expectations. Your approach and professionalism was not a question :)” – Cardif

We would like to thank the sympathy of your colleagues and the Food Saving Project Team for the delivery of the portions to homeless shelters. 

Team Building with Budapest Bike Maffia: https://bikemaffia.com/en/team-building-with-bike-maffia/