Students and parents participating in our project have not been idle in the past weeks: they have collected 7,345 sandwiches, 168 kg of fruit, and 115 kg of non-perishable food for the people in need.

This will mean plenty of healthy breakfasts and dinners, and for some people: it is the only guarantee of their survival!

Giving to others enriches us, every time, but this time we have also received positive feedback, from Nóra, one of the Moms involved in the +1 sandwich project:

“The underlying, ‘a little goes a long way’ philosophy of the +1 SANDWICH project is just lovely. It is also very true, for other areas of life as well. We cannot and we should not do everything alone – together we can achieve more! Whether it is a work or school task or moving, cooking … anything. I also think it very important to have my child realize the importance and the need of helping others.”

Interested? If so, contact us at and our volunteer presenters can visit your school too. 

We hold an interactive presentation where we discuss prejudice, homelessness, and where you can also learn about BBM projects and how you might join them.